The Deseray Smith Foundation Founder

Jon Smith - The Father of Deseray Smith

Jon Smith

The Deseray Smith Foundation Founder Jon Smith is a Huntingdon Area High School class of 1981 graduate and served in the US Navy after graduation. He is married to Francine Smith and they live in Huntingdon, PA. He is the father of six children in all, Deseray (1990-2019) Natasha, Dustin, Brittany, and two step children Nick and Sydney.

Deseray Smith and Natasha Smith

Natasha and Deseray Smith

Jon's Purpose of The Foundation

I love my family... because of love we move on together as a family, and we move forward to help others who need our support, and the support of others. Our family is the rock of life to my wife Francine and I. My goal in life is to be the best father, husband, coach, and mentor as possible. I want to help those in need that are going through tough times. I want to give people the "tools" they need to recover from the pain of depression and suicidal thoughts.

I have been there from personal experience, and know that I had to overcome many obstacles to get the support I needed. Let me help you. Life is worth living and you are loved.

With the holiday season approaching people need our assistance more than ever. Often times the holidays can make person suffering from depression sink deeper into despair. We want to help them find purpose again.

Please consider donating as we try to help more people who are suffering find joy and realize life is worth living.