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You have the power to be there for someone.

Over 113,000 people across the nation are waiting for a life-saving transplant. One person can save the lives of as many as eight people. One individual can improve the lives of as many as 75 people through tissue donation.

be a hero..

News and Updates

Listen to our latest radio ad reaching out to those who are grieving. If you are experiencing grief in your life the Deseray Smith Foundation is here to help you get the support you need. Take a listen.

We were contacted by Penn State WPSU-TV and they want us to share our story with them this January to discuss depression, and grief, and how it effects families. Stay tuned in for more updates about WPSU-TV.

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The Deseray Smith Foundation

The Deseray Smith Foundation assists families with grief and loss of loved ones.

Our goal is to help others who are grieving after the loss of loved ones and to help them find the resources to cope with the stress and depression of the most shocking time of their lives. We will let them know that even with their loss they are still loved and needed..

Our History

The foundation was started in 2019 when our daughter, sister, best friend and marine lost her life as she was attending a personal training academy in Orlando, Florida. Her goal was to help others to be the best that they could be and she had the heart and soul to do it.

Deseray Smith

Our Hero Deseray J. Smith

Deseray was born February 3, 1990 in Huntingdon, PA. She was a great daughter, loving sister, best friend, United States Marine, and an organ, tissue, and retina donor. Her favorite season of the year was autumn.

Her decision to be an organ donor saved four lives with her donation of organs, tissue, and her retinas to give sight to the blind. She gave the gift of life to four complete strangers, and the gift of sight to another two complete strangers.

Deseray loved her family and friends deeply. She graduated from Tyrone High School in 2008, where she was part of the woman's soccer team. She loved her dog Max and everyone's pets as well. She liked to bake and cook for her family and friends. She was aspiring to be a professional wrestler and sports trainer; she wanted to to help everyone get in their best shape possible.

Her passions will be missed by everyone she knew, but her legacy lives on through her generous organ donations, as she continued to give of herself in death as she did in life. We will always love and miss her. Semper Fi.

Our Team

Our Team

Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping others to never be afraid to ask for help because people do love you and still need you and your never alone, contact us

Are You Depressed or Is It Depression?

Quick resources for people experiencing a crisis in their lives in Huntingdon County.

Quick resources for people experiencing a crisis in their lives in Blair County.

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